Blade Runner Movie And Book Comparison

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Humans are known to be emotional beings, unlike most other living bodies. In Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and in Blade Runner the most obvious difference between androids and humans is that androids lack empathy. It is difficult to tell who is a real human, but the characteristic of empathy is supposed to help define if the being is a human or not. Androids, therefore, connect to monstrosity because they enter the human world and begin to take over. Bounty Hunter Rick Deckard is a very important character in both the book and the movie. He tests for empathy in the beings, which verifies them if they are human or a replication (or android). The androids appear to be humans, and this is why the empathy test must be taken, because they…show more content…
This resembles an adaptation from the book; in Blade Runner, humans find it hard to live amongst the androids, and that is why it is so important to distinguish who is real and who is not and then the Bounty Hunter can kill the android once it is figured out “what” they truly are. Although, in the book and the movie it is difficult to determine if Rachel is human or not, Deckard realizes that Rachel believes she is human, who makes the questioning part (the empathy test) more challenging. Deckard asks, “You're reading a magazine. You come across a full-page nude photo of a girl.” Rachel responds, “Is this testing whether I'm a replicant or a lesbian, Mr. Deckard?” This in my opinion is asking Rachel if she is human or an android, just in complex wording. Also this alludes to his heavy interest in her. Since Deckard is a human, he grew feelings of attachment and compassion towards her, and overall this made him want to not be a Bounty Hunter anymore. There is a scene in which Rachel and Deckard are in a room alone and he begins to kiss her neck and try more, but Rachel gets scared and feels trapped and tries to leave. Deckard stops her and orders her to kiss him and say that she wants him. Without another word, she tells him to put his hands on her (this is more of a human characteristic), but she probably is torn between…show more content…
The Tyrell Corp is found to create different kinds of androids which are very significant to the movie’s theme of monstrosity. Rachel was created and trained to live like a human and act like a human, but is still artificial. She was created by humans, and this takes it into broader terms that it seems like new life has been created and it defies what we already know, so therefore we can create a living monster that appears to be a human on earth. We learn that Rachel’s memories are all of being human and living a human life, but she is unaware of

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