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How to wear the winter coat? The dress is a basic female wardrobe. In summer, the door easily bare legs for multiple occasions. But when temperatures drop, we quickly want to choose the easy option and wear pants. Too bad, because the dress has also many advantages in the winter. In addition to being stylish and feminine, she will be very comfortable and keep you warm. But for this, you must know the right tips in this article. 1. What styles of dresses to wear in winter? The importance of the matter Of course, you can not carry all your little summer dresses in winter. As I explain in my article "How to wear his summer clothes in the winter? " The key is to find a material that is ready to play . You will understand that you can leave on the shelf all your dresses in…show more content…
A very nice mix! Finally, why not try waders ? Read my article to know all the tricks to properly wear them. If you want a little height, think oxfords in heels while being strict form will highlight the dress. Coat: Especially not too short coats style blazer or leather jackets because you may feel cold. In general, the dresses are more elegant with long overcoat. If temperatures are too low, opt for beige trench, otherwise wear a boyfriend style coat in order to have space between your sweater and coat. Capes coats will also lovely with this style. Coats rights pea coat style also go very well with the female dress. Accessories: Accessories are the key to a successful style! Add a nice bib on a round neck dress or wear a pendant end if you opted for a shirt collar or a Peter Pan collar. Add one large ring or a nice bracelet. Remember a pretty scarf, especially if your dress is low-cut! Shawl ways, it will have a fluid appearance wrapped several times around your neck , but you can also opt for a faux fur scarf that will melt in your

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