How Does Local Culture Affect Globalization

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University of the People Protecting Local Cultures from the Impacts Globalization Globalization Written Assignment Unit Six Hidden Student 5/17/2017 Introduction The discussion of this assignment is going to base on a very important topic regarding globalization; that is the globalization and culture. Cultural globalization is defined as: “the transmission of ideas, meanings and values around the world in such a way as to extend and intensify social relations,” (Wikipedia, nd). While the effects of globalization have the most obvious influence over economics and politics, it is becoming increasingly important to note the impacts it is having on local cultures. Some worry that many societies view their culture as their wealth of existence.…show more content…
This is to that the Canadians probably were not really interested in selling magazines or the American companies just invaded the Canadians market. Basing on the argument of this dispute, we can assume that the second argument is mostly to be held. To what extent do you think the government of Canada was pressured to seek to protect its market because of the financial interests of the Canadian magazine industry? Every time a country finds itself in such a situation, it is the government responsibility to intervene so it may protect the local market against the international ones. I praise on behalf the Canadian government by taking actions that would prevent the local products. That is why it is documented: “In spite of the low proportion of domestically produced magazines in Canada, the Canadian government has nonetheless identified the production of magazines as an important touchstone of Canadian national identity,” (Globalization 101, nd). Given that Canadian magazines constitute only 11 percent magazine sales in Canada, how important is this matter to Canadian…show more content…
We were able to explore the Canadian magazine dispute. Also, we answered lots of questions related to this matter and many other topics. References: Kim Ann Zimmermmann (2015). What Is Culture? Definition of Culture. Retrieved from: Evan Tanre (2015). Hoe do tariff protect domestic industries? Retrieved from: Lowell C. Matthews & Bharat Thakkar (nd). The Impact of Globalization on Cross-Cultural Communication. Retieved from: Globalization 101 (n. d). The Lenin Institute. The State University of New York. Retrieved from:

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