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Food allergy has been one of the most common nutrient-related problem which affects anyone regardless of age. It is defined as side effect caused by specific immune response which is triggered by the exprosure of given food. Food allergens are specific components of food which can cause symptoms becauseof the recognition by allergen-specific immune cells. The variety of symptoms of this disease can range from mild to severe and in some cases can lead to life-threathening allergic reaction. In real life, food intolerance is often mistaken as food allergy. Actually, food intolerances is the condition of non-immunologic adverse reactions. For instance, someone may be intolerant to milk because of an inability to digest the lactose, while they may be allergic to milk because of the immunologic response to milk protein. It’s clear that an undiagnosed food allergy may cause poor energy absorption or any other essential nutrients. Elimination of major food substance due to allergic reaction has the potential of harm. Elimination of any food can cause nutritional implications which is hazardous, especially for children, with the potential of vitamin or mineral deficiency and can further lead to rickets or kwashiorkor. For example, children who have peanut or tree nut allergy will need to use another sources of potassium, children with soybean allergy…show more content…
Older adults is shown to also be vulnerable to the nutritional risk; that’s why effective screening is crucial as an early detection of the disease, which will decline the decrease of life quality in each individual due to the shortage of patricular nutrition intake. Therefore, listing of dietary intake is important to prevent the nutritional risk due to the absent of certain nutrition. Dietary screening can also helps us to determine if there any supplements needed in order to fullfil the nutritional

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