Soft Power In The Cold War

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In 1990s, after Soviet Union Collapse due to the representatives from 11 Soviet republics announced that they are no longer in Soviet Union. The Soviet Union has dissolved itself and the cold war ends here (Fall of the Soviet Union, 2011). While another strong country, United States automatically became the one and only superpower in the world, in terms of the technology, military power they owned in hand (Cold war history, 2009). As United States political system is practicing democracy, it stressed on liberalism and freedom. Democracy is a system whereby the government is rule by people and for the people, so more and more country transform their political system to democracy for example, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom and so on (Marc…show more content…
There are 2 types of power, one is hard power another one is soft power. Hard power refers to the military force, aggressive manner to influence people’s action. While soft power is the capability to affect others by using less aggressive ways like media, education, culture transmission to influence people. It is less efficient but powerful to manipulated people’s mind, it is like persuasion, it has the capability to move people by argument. Thurs, soft power is a fundamental of democracy daily practice. By using soft power, American use media to indicate “public diplomacy” by invest on broadcast on radio, TV programs, movies to shape people’s behavior and thinking. Public diplomacy is a method that used by government to communicate the publics from other country rather than communicate with the government. It also defined as communications with non-government individuals or non-government organizations. Public diplomacy usually transmitted information and selling a good image. The government exports their media content to others country to spread their culture to others country (Joseph,…show more content…
It has doubt that United States soft power is a failure in Middle East countries. The buskin event of 11 September 2001 broke the so called unchallenged multidimensional dominance of the world. The word “Globalisation” only serves the US own interest to maintain their status in the world, and remain as an actor in leading the world economic and cultures (Emad, 2005). By using soft power, United States keep influence the international public opinion mention that follow and believe United States will brings the wealthy and development to the country. It also implies that which country fail to live up with global standards, they will get punishment. Their country will be label as under develop as well as Third World countries. United States promote globalisation, the meaning actually different with what the real meaning was. It should be act as an exchange of information and cultures between nations to nations, but the reality was, United States spread their pop culture for example Mac Donald, Hollywood movies, MTV and so on. People from others country adopt America’s culture more than spread their own culture to America. That is how Americanisation took place (Robert, 1998). Hence, when terrorist attack on 11 September 2001 happened, Michael Cox, he argue that this buskin event was the protest against the global dominant power, and because of

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