Deforestation In The Amazon Rainforest

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Deforestation happens all around the world and it affects a lot of things. From our environment to our daily life. In tens of years, the kids of the future might suffer from the deforestation that is happening now, is it ethical to cut down the trees that were supposed to be the forests which they walk in with their dogs? The quality of the air will go down, global warming will be at a peak and they won't get to know some animals because their habitats were destroyed. All of that, for what? For exotic oils? For urbanization? For paper and furniture? We can limit the cutting of trees. But most of the issues with deforestation are environmental; soil erosion (without the roots of the trees, the land is less stable and can be washed or blown away),…show more content…
Some countries in which the Amazon is part of, are poor therefore they sell the trees (for many purposes such as paper, furniture, housing and others) of the Amazon rainforest out of desperation for money. Since they are already in trouble with money, they don’t replant the trees. Other reason is for urbanization. If there are a lot of people, could be that they are running out of space to live in so they need to clear out the forest in order to build houses there. They also cut down trees in order to make goods such as the oil from the palm trees. The most used methods of deforestation are clear cutting and burning. Burning is usually used when there is 'no use' for the trees for example when they're clearing the area to build houses or when they're clearing the area to grow crops. The burning process is when the trees are cut and then left there to burn. Clear cutting is used more often when the trees are sold to make goods and it's when they go to that place with bulldozers and other machines and just cut down everything they can. Many animals can get hurt in that process as sometimes they don’t make sure there are no animals there before they do it because they do it illegally. Even if they do save the animals, their habitats are all destroyed. It has been estimated that in 25 years about 50% of the Amazon rainforest will be all gone. Since the sloths need a rainforest to live in, and about half of the whole world's tropical forests have been already cut down, they will have nowhere to go. Their diet is also pretty exclusive and if the trees they eat from now will get extinct due to deforestation they will need to adapt to a different kind of living which might cost a lot of sloths'

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