Importance Of Dialogue Between Civilizations

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I. The Possibility of a Post-American World Order Will Strengthen the Potential for Dialogue Between Civilizations or Increase the Relevancy with The Clash of Civilizations Hypothesis The Post-American World Order, a term created by Fareed Zakaria, an editor of Newsweek International and a writer on international affairs, as being stated on his book ‘The Post-American World’, explains that it is not the decline of the U.S. but it is about the great transformation which taking place around the world and the rise of other countries. Another term of The Post-American World also can be defined as ‘The Rise of the Rest’ – in which it is the era we are living now – because all countries around the world have been rapidly growing, developing, and…show more content…
Dialogue between civilizations are also needed and will give significant impacts for not only both civilizations but also for the world. Dialogue between civilizations is importantly needed to resolve conflicts or disputes; to create a peaceful resolution; to reconcile if there is a tension between cultures, religions or countries between civilizations; and also can contribute to academic research and create peace for the…show more content…
Because of that incident, there were many initiatives proposed by numerous governments, non-governmental organizations, international organizations and some scholars. One of these initiatives was proposed by Japan – which was launched by the former Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yohei Kono, in January 2000 – that they wanted to have a dialogue with the Muslim world. The initiative was having two pillars – one deals with cultural activities and intellectual concept, and the other deals with projects of technical and scientific nature. This initiative was based on the Japanese realization that they need to study the Muslim World. Instead of having a clash and conflict between both civilizations, the Japans wanted to provide a better picture to the Muslim World and wanted to engage the Muslim world in a direct dialogue. This can be seen that the Dialogue between civilizations plays and important role in managing the negative impact of

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