Me Before You Love Story

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Me Before You- Jojo moyes It is a love story and a family story talks about the bravery and sustained effort of a young woman to redirect or change the path of someone that she cares about. Louisa (lou) Clark a 26 young woman applies for a position as an assistant care to a wealthy and intelligent and very angry 35 years old man- Will Traynor. He has spent the past two years as a quadriplegic after being hit by a motorbike. He has decided to go to Switzerland to a special clinic there that helps people who are terminally sick to “commit suicide”. Lou and Will didn’t get along together at first, they are very different from each other Lou has never fully lived her life while Will has, but no longer can because of his damn disability. He is…show more content…
Will did not hate Lou. He hated him-self. Nobody understood him. He was an athletic man who climbed mountains did skies and extreme sports a very independent man and now he cannot he even cannot eat by him-self. That is why he did not want to live like that anymore. He did not want to be taken care of because it is not who he is. Slowly, everything changed. Will accepted Lou; he goes with her wherever she decides to. He finally gets his old look again. He shaved and cut his hair (the family could not believe it) he does not say no to Lou, Patrick or his mother. Louisa managed to take him to horse races and many places that nobody thought that he would go and do it again. However, that cheering did not last. Every day Will’s health got worse than before. With that his feelings to Lou, but he knew that she has a boyfriend what he did not know that she broke up with him. Lou spent every day with Will. In the hospital, she did not leave him alone. At home, she took care of him as you take care of your lover. Her feelings toward Will grew, she never felt sorry for him or pithy she admired him. However, he always made a distance between
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