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Secondary school is the level of schooling in Barbados for children ages 11 to 18 years old. The law in Barbados make it mandatory for children post primary school level to be in secondary school till 16 years of age. On the other hand, university is for anyone 18 years and older. Unlike secondary school, university is optional and not enforced. I am Alexander O’Neal, and I have pasted the stage of secondary school, and I am presently at university. I attended the Ellerslie Secondary School, and I am now attending the University of the West Indies. My experiences with secondary school and university are very different. The work at secondary school was easier and mandatory. I found the work was easier to manage. Even if I procrastinated, I did not felt overwhelmed by one or two sets of work. Most of the work given could have been completed within a single night or so. For large projects, teachers set at least two to three deadlines within the term for the completion of sections in that project. In addition, the work given at secondary was easier and less complex. The instructions were simply and easy to follow, at least to me. The instructions gave a step by…show more content…
The university workload is hard to deal with. There is almost no space for procrastination when it comes to university work. For example, multiple lecturers give me work within the same week that is due the next work. On top of the workload, the work itself is more complex and difficult. The instructions are sometimes difficult to comprehend because of my lack of vocabulary. This in itself makes the work difficult to start with. University work is mandatory for the sake of passing, but students are not pressured by lecturers to do the work. If I chose not to do the work, I would simply get a zero for that assignment and my grade point average would go down. University work is difficult to deal with and I am not force to do

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