Internal Conflict In Catch The Moon

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I wonder, how many people have been impacted their life by loving something? Love is a strong, powerful feeling, there are plenty of ways you can experience the passion of it, such as loving a person, hobby or with an object. In my case, I love playing tennis feeling the tension of winning, this something that I can't experience, other than tennis. I love my family because they always support me, whenever I felt depressed or distressed. The change in the protagonist by loving a person has been explored in a particular way in the stories “The bass, the river and Sheila Mant" by W.D.Wetherell and "Catch the moon" by Judith Ortiz Cofer investigating the internal conflicts, in the stories I will learn what impact can love do to us. Now,…show more content…
And those conflicts resolves by loving this girl name "Naomi". The major internal conflict is the suppress of grief against his mother who died with illness, three years ago. "After that, all he recalled was the anger that had made him punch a hole in his bedroom wall."(Cofer 237) regarding to this quote we can tell that he couldn't admit the lost of his mother. However, this conflict emotionally get resolved by Naomi who comforts Luis and lectures him about love. Therefor, at the end his authentic expression appears,"He missed her. He missed her so much. Luis sat in his father's car, with his head in the steering wheel and cried,"Mami, I miss you.""(239) now we can tell that his suppress is gone and released. He also struggles with the deteriorating relationship with his father, the complexity accelerates when Luis collaborates in a gang group, which is a trouble maker. Although, the feeling of love against Naomi, simultaneously his idea to his dad changes “Then Luis got an idea...Luis worked and worked, beginning to understand a little why his father kept busy all the time.”(239). In this story Naomi has an unique role, she shifts Luis’s perspective into love in a different angle, so he became more sophisticated as he spent his time with…show more content…
His hobby is to fish and he loves it. Besides that , he is one of those typical guys who are are passionated and puts their full effort when they like a girl He did endless laps, continued diving from the broad until she left(Wetherell 245), even we he asked her to hang out he checked that every single thing was prepared for her "About five, I slide into the water, arranging cushions near the bow so Sheila could lean on them..."(246) just to get her attention. And then, when he approaches a situation where he needs to make a big decision between Sheila, and the enormous bass he fights himself. Either way, it was necessary for him to sacrifice one. "I pulled a penknife from my pocket and cut the line in half."(Wetherell 249) accordingly, he chose Sheila. Though, at the end he regrets releasing the bass away, and being too much obsessed with Sheila "Before the month was over, the spell she cast over me was gone. But the memory of that lost bass haunted me all summer and haunts me still."(250). His expression is showed,"...I never made the same mistake again"(250) as you can see, he internally grew up by acknowledging what is the actual importance to

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