Why Is Shakespeare Still Relevant

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Is Shakespeare still Relevant? O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Appropriate to the current time, period, or circumstances. That’s the definition of relevant and Shakespeare falls under it. How? The topics Shakespeare writes about in his plays are significantly relatable. The problems teens confront in his stories are problems in which teens still confront today which makes him popular. Shakespeare's still very popular today among current artists and screenwriters. In music, movies, and everyday life Shakespeare is accounted for. Consider for example the movie Table 19. One of the guests whom the bride and groom have wronged raises a toast and says, “You are Romeo and Juliet, and we all wish you the same happy ending.” Oh the irony! Taylor…show more content…
Romeo doesn’t face much parental control and is given near-complete freedom as he’s free to roam wherever most of the time and never went home once throughout the course of the play. His parents definitely express immense concern to his bleak exterior at the beginning of the story. Juliet being a “woman” in this period of time gives her a brief amount of parental control as she eventually defies them and does more of what she wants. Juliet’s parents desire to go as far as picking who she should love and potentially commence a family with after marriage. Her dad then has the audacity to throw a fit when she isn’t interested in marrying this random guy she doesn’t love. “And if you don’t go on your own, I’ll drag you there... You disgust me, you little bug!...You worthless girl!” “She disgusts me, the little hussy!” His abrasive words at her not wanting to marry Paris showed how controlling he truly wanted to be. In addition to when she “died” it is unfair to say Lord Capulet wasn’t upset at his daughter's death but he was definitely more apathetic to it and worried more about the fact that there’d no longer be a
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