Persuasive Essay: Beauty Is Only Skin Deep?

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For most of us in our lives we have been told "You're pretty for a fat girl." or "You would be so much more attractive if you lost weight." I have been told this by several people, wiether it be when I was in school, when I worked, or even by family. I have heard the saying several times in my life "Beauty is only skin deep." Only Skin deep- I used to think this was a compliment growing up hearing it from family or others. Of course they would all say how pretty my sister and I was but, they would never fail to mention how we should lose weight. How we should do better with our eating habits or how we should just do whatever they think is best for our bodies. Not bringing my sister into this discussion- just giving an example. In my…show more content…
I was only twenty at the time and it didn't make sense. I was heading down a dark path and I knew if I didn't start changing that day it would become worse. It was really hard at first. I struggled a lot. Filming myself for the whole world to see. Sharing stories and boosting confidence in not only myself but others. Posting pictures to instagram revealing skin in a bikini. Me in a bikini! I never thought I would see that day as long as I lived. Having my cellulite being shown to the world on display. My stretchmarks and flab waving to everybody like " Hey! I'm here! Look at me!". I had bad anxiety for weeks. I only received a few negative comments here and there but, the positive ones I received out weighed the negative. I felt my confidence and love for myself coming back to me. Something I never really had before or felt. Then out of no where it hit me. I wasn't the only one. There were women and men out there that felt the same insecurities and fears I did. That felt disgusted in their own skin as I did. I no longer felt a lone. I started doing research. I looked up Body Positive Advocates and looked at their fearless images. I read articles and I watched videos. My heart then sunk because it was then that I knew what I wanted to be. I wanted to be them-

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