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The Maze Runner is classified as an Action movie, Mystery, and an Sci-Fi. When we think of a good action movie, we imagine great special effects, hero’s and fight scenes also come into our mind. Great action movies are also known to include crazy stunts and frantic chases. The Maze Runner does a great job at including some of these however lacks in other categories. When I think of a mystery movie, detectives and crime comes to mind but The Maze Runner has neither. Even though it doesn’t include these characteristics it still does a very good job in the mystery genre. Lastly we have Sci-Fi Which The Maze Runner does pretty well in this genre however lacks in some areas. Overall The Maze Runner is a good movie with more positives than negatives…show more content…
I thought The Maze Runner did an awesome job with there special effects. Stephen Whitty agrees, saying “It does leave you wanting to see the next installment. And that’s one special effect that very few YA movies ever pull off.” Everything looked so real, the grievers were very realistic and had a very real movement that looked completely natural. The entire Maze looked like it was straight out of the real world even though it was all fake. Good action movies are also known for having a hero. In The Maze Runner, Thomas starts out as the villain, but quickly becomes a hero after surviving the Maze for a night. A hero has to be the guy or girl in the movie that does something big to save someone or something which Thomas defiantly does at the end, that is why I think he is the hero and makes the movie better. All action movies, good ones anyway have fight scenes. Maze runner was slightly lacking in this category. Thomas only has one major fight scene and that’s with a griever trying to kill him, even though this one scene was very good it needed more like it. That’s one thing action movies are really known for having. As well as everything else every action movie has frantic chases. A good chase will leave you on the edge of your seat wondering if he will be caught and die or get away and I think The Maze Runner did the best in this category. Many times during the movie was I scared for the actor’s life, for example when he got stuck in the maze and was being chases by the griever. Maze Runner managed to find the perfect balance of chases cause any less and I would have been disappointed. Any more and I would start getting bored and it would be very

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