Seinfeld Effect On Pop Culture

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Seinfeld: Nothing leads to Something Television has become a reflection of cultural aspects in everyday life. It designates where and what to eat or drink and for some, how to think. Sitcoms, such as “Seinfeld”, effect are large number of people throughout America. “Seinfeld” has influenced a broad spectrum of audiences because of its cast of original and quirky characters. People find comfort in laughing at everyday stereotypical views that they might also share. A cast’s ability to share its pet peeves and comical misfortune is the essence of its impact on society. “Seinfeld”, a now discontinued sitcom that aired for more than ten years, is still one of the most influential shows to date. The way the cast members communicated with each other contributed to the shows relatability. A group of four friends revealed their fictional experience of every life in New York City. The…show more content…
It became one of the few shows of its time that could be described as postmodern. The show was mostly a mix of humor with superficial conflict involving its wacky characters. For example, one entire show named “The Chinese Restaurant” entailed Jerry, George and Elaine simply waiting on a table for dinner. Unlike most T.V. shows, there is never a take away or a lesson learned. The creators did not want the characters to change or progress throughout the spell of the show. There was never to be any sort of emotion felt for any of the characters. Traditional sitcoms had a heartwarming sense about them. There was a stringent “No hugging no learning rule” among the actors. (Baltimore Sun) The characters are best described as group of immoral narcissists. Being hopeless, superficial and self-centered is what gave the cast its comedic value. They are constantly manipulating others while fixated on how they appear to them. As can be seen, the show’s popularity is attributed to its willingness to break the mold of contemporary

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