Simba And Hamlet Research Paper

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Hamlet and Lion King are movies that share the some similarities, but also have some differences. Although Hamlet and Simba come from a royal family and their dad is murdered; they also have differences as to how they were killed and the roles they had to take on. Hamlet and Simba try to find ways to bring out the truth of how their dad died. Hamlet and Simba came from a royal family.Simba’s dad was killed by his uncle, Scar, so was Hamlet’s dad. The difference is Mufasa was pushed off the cliff and Old Hamlet was poisoned while he was sleep. When Mufasa died, Simba was next for King but Scar ended up making him run away, sending hyena's out to kill Simba so he could be king. (Lion King) Hamlet wasn’t scared off, instead Claudius send Hamlet

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