Summary Of The Scorch Trials, By James Dashner

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W.I.C.K.E.D, the cause of all the death and pain, the cause of all the monsters and the nightmares, the last chance for human-kind. Thomas and his fellow Gladers are subjected to this reality and must fight knowing that what they do next could save or destroy everything. The Scorch Trials, by James Dashner, takes place in a future where the sun has brought fiery destruction upon the Earth and a virus upon the few that have survived. The main character Thomas along with his fellow Gladers (friends including Thomas) find themselves in the most burnt city of the world. Thomas is then left with a freelancer from a larger group named Brenda when everyone is split up from a sudden explosion. They must now trust each other to find their friends again and journey through The Scorch. Brenda’s stubbornness, intelligence , and selflessness is imperative to Thomas’s survival.…show more content…
While the two stop to rest inside an underground tunnel system a group of Cranks, people that have been completely consumed by the virus, finds them and attacks them. After the two hide and the group leaves the “leader” of the Cranks stayed behind and he then “reached through the doorway [that they were hiding in] and grabbed Thomas by the shirt”. Brenda then “jumped on the Crank, hit him in the face twice…[she then] had him pinned with her [arms and] leg...[she] fell to the right of the Crank...his chest was now for the taking” and Thomas picked up a knife then stabbed and killed the Crank right then and there(194,195). Brenda doesn’t even know whether to trust Thomas or not but she stubbornly fought with all her might and without her Thomas couldn’t have

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