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Ashlyn Howard Mrs. MacKenzie English 102 Per. 3 10 April 2015 1947 Roswell UFO Incident In 1947 a strange unidentified object was found in Roswell, New Mexico, and identified as a weather balloon in official documents. Although, there is substantial evidence showing that the weather balloon claim was simply a government cover up, and that it could have been an extraterrestrial UFO. Through witness accounts, descriptions of the material, expert testimonies, and suspicious government activity and cover up attempts, it can be demonstrated that the 1947 crash at Roswell was likely related to extraterrestrial beings. The belief in extraterrestrial beings and “UFO” sightings has been around for centuries. There are countless incidents of people claiming…show more content…
They eventually released an official document in 1995 stating the truth about the incident, but even this claim is flawed and has left many unanswered questions about the event. “United States Air Force in 1995 said that the crash material was not actually a weather balloon; it was a Project Mogul secret balloon assembly used for seismographic monitoring of possible Soviet atomic bomb tests” (Jacobs 327). In the document released about the event in 1995, the government admitted that the object was actually a “secret ballon” for Project Mogul. This is a believable claim to most of the public, at least for those who decide not to look further into the case. “The report says ‘bodies’ sighted were dummies thrown in parachute tests and debris found by locals was from a balloon used in atmospheric tests” (“A UFO Denial” 47). It would make sense that people had thought they saw bodies when they were really just test dummies, but there is a flaw in this claim as well. That is, test dummies were not used whatsoever until years after the Roswell incident. “The dummies were first used fully five years after the Roswell crash, and the nearest a dummy came to the Roswell site was one hundred miles away” (Jacobs 328). If the debris was from a Project Mogul balloon, and test dummies were used (which they undoubtedly were not), they would not have been found where bodies were reportedly seen. Even more extensively, the government went so far as to seemingly destroy all documents and evidence of the event completely. “… the file on Roswell contains but a single press clipping. No letters, no notes, no investigative forms, no official weather balloon explanation, nothing but that lone clipping. The file for the recovery of an identical weather balloon in Circleville, Ohio, at the same time as the Roswell event, contains far more documentation on its particulars” (Schmitt and Corey). It is

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