Explain Why Chinatown Gave Birth To Multiculturalism

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Chinatown gave birth to multiculturalism Main argument: This chapter will focus on Chinatown's transformation of modernity that largely impacted on Australian societal traditions socially, politically and economically. Despite that Chinese traditions within Chinatown have been altered to provide a Chinese stereotype mainly for westerners, it increased the idea and awareness of multiculturalism. Given this, it has shaped Australia to become a multicultural society with the introduction and growth of the Chinese culture and population. Context: The site of Chinatown was chosen as a result of the birth of Chinese culture and tradition within Australia. It brought modernist ideas that challenged and transformed the Australian social, political…show more content…
1995 p. 9). Such subjectivity could involve the introduction to a new culture and a creation of a new perception from society. This will highlight the outcome from the transition from tradition. Tradition is the idea of using the original or set rules and values placed amongst society. It provided the order that helped stabilize social existence (Gross, D. 1992 p. 20). Multiculturalism is a diverse existence of cultures and ethnic groups integrated and united within a nation that creates a social cohesion. It refers to the ‘rights of immigrants to express their ethnic identity without fear of prejudice or discrimination’ (Johnes, B.M. 2000). This highlights modernist views and ideas that “racializes cultures” (Naidu, M.V. 1995). Capitalism is an economic system where the country’s industries, trade and businesses are owned and controlled by private owners in ‘accord with their own interests’ (Bruce R. Scott 2007 p.7). It regulates society’s needs and wants. Plan: Introduction The site of Chinatown’s transformation of modernity challenged Australian traditional values socially, politically and

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