Lady Chatterley's Lover So Pivotal Analysis

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What makes the revision of Lady Chatterley’s Lover so Pivotal is not merely the revision at the contextual level but how instead, society has responded to the revised work. This concept poses the idea that the revision- Lady Chatterley’s TV mini series- is a social and historical phenomenon painting a broader picture of how societal norms and values have changed at the hands of the feminist movement throughout the decades. Lady Chatterley’s Lover is about the affair between Lady Constance Chatterley, a women married to the paralyzed war hero Sir Clifford Chatterley, and their game keeper, Oliver Mellors. When clifford returns from war paralyzed from the waist down, the newly married couple’s relationship takes a toll. Despite having a very intellectual connection and a mutual respect, Connie finds herself unfulfilled without a sensual relationship and has a short dissatisfying affair before falling into lust and love with the aloof yet intriguing Mellors. Clifford tells Connie to get pregnant by another man as long as he was in the same class so that they can continue their heir, but when Connie gets pregnant with Olivers child she cannot go through with it and request a divorce from Clifford so that she an be with her true love. All the while, Oliver’s wife returns causing a scandal and resulting in…show more content…
This revolution included the infamous bra burning, slut shamming, bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism vs machoism etc. it was the area of the feminist movement that included sexual reform so what better a time to air a television series about one of the most controversial and explicit books of the early 20th century. The peoples views on this content speaks to the views of the time. They believed that just as men have needs, so do women and they shouldn’t feel societal pressures to repress these feelings just as Lawrence did the

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