The Lovely Bones Persuasive Essay

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What should people do if they weren’t cautious and someone took their life then and there? Not all people are aware that being sexually abused can lead towards a horrific tragedy. Teens should be allowed to read the book The Lovely Bones because it teaches the value of life and to be cautious, that family shouldn’t give up on each other, and that accepting a loved one’s death is hard, but they may be gone, but their spirit lives on. “Firstly, one reason why teens should be allowed to read The Lovely Bones is because it teaches the value of life. I knew he was going to kill me, i did not realize then that i was animal already dying” (Sebold, 14). This quote shows the value of life because Susie Salmon (main character) was sexually abused and killed, and she didn’t see it coming. This evidence shows that life is more valuable than we all think, and…show more content…
According to the book, Susie’s father would not rest until he found the killer of his daughter, he wanted to find justice not just for his family, but for Susie too. He constantly was getting involved in police work and finding clues so that the pieces fit. This evidence shows that Susie’s family were very determined and never gave up on Susie. This evidence shows that family will never give up on one another even during the most brutal and tough times. Lastly, teens should be allowed to read The Lovely Bones is because it teaches the acceptance of a loved one’s passing and that they may be gone but will always be there spiritually. “When I first entered heaven, I thought everyone saw what I saw.” (Sebold, beginning of chapter two). This quote shows that even though a loved one is gone, they are alive somewhere else, that somewhere is heaven. This evidence shows that people have different beliefs for the afterlife, where in this case, is

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