Marching Band History

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The beginning When researching the history of marching bands there are several elements that make up a marching band. According to Wikipedia, A marching band is a group consisting of instrumental musicians performing outdoors for the purpose of entertainment, sometimes exercise, and competitions. Marching bands are used for military, marching shows, dance bands, concerts, and games. Studies show that there are a lot of similarities between band music and military operation. Most marching uniforms consist of gloves, shakos, and black military shoes. Origins of marching bands in the twentieth century can be known as military bands, marching bands, the concert and symphonic bands, the wind and chamber bands, and regular bands for schools.…show more content…
The drums are my favorite because I like the way it sounds and also the drums have the best solos. I have been playing by rhythm since my mother purchase me set drums at 5 years old then a large set when I became a teenager. Whatever, I hear on the radio I always have been able to play the rhythm on my drums. Marching Band In 1907, the first formation on a football field was the block “P” created by Paul Spotts, director of the Purdue All-American Marching Band according to Spotts got the idea from a flock of birds and decided to have his band represent those birds. Also, the first marching half time show was in 1907 performed by the University of Illinois. Military band lives through marching bands because marching bands resembles military bands tradition such as “attention”, “forward march”, and uniforms. The first fight song was the University of Illinois Fight Song known as the Illinois loyalty. The fight song is still used in bands today. The fight song associated with the school team. For example, during football season at Marist High school our marching band plays the fight song and the crowd really gets

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