The Importance Of Music In Music

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I held the cold metal instrument and blew fiercely. The boy next to me said he would not want to play the instrument after me. I looked down and it was covered in my spit. Embarrassed, I set it down, and continued looking at the instruments in front of me. It was a special day in my sixth grade music class. The teacher was offering a band, and the students had a one day opportunity to look, and play, any instrument he thought we liked. Although my first experience with the flute was unfortunate, this one experience helped me decide my future musical career. I have been in a band since my sixth grade year, and I have changed my instrument so many times, I can practically pick up any instrument and play it. Music has helped me in my academic performance and my personal life. During my sixth grade year I picked up the flute to participate in the school band. Although I did try the violin during my fourth grade year, the flute was the first instrument I truly felt a connection with. After the walk about of the…show more content…
All of the drum majors had graduated and we were holding auditions. My best friend and I tried out together. He became senior drum major and I became the junior drum major. Something changed inside of me. I hated coming to band practice during the summer, and I would rather be anywhere in the world than be in my seventh period band class. My senior drum major kept talking to me about how negative I was and we needed to rise the troops. He also told me to be the bad guy, to tell the freshman to get in line, and to yell at my friends that they have not memorized their music yet. I felt awful. I finally made my decision not to try out for marching band again when I was conducting the band during our final competition. Tears were rolling down my cheeks when I stepped down from the podium. I could not bear to look at my senior drum major, and I finished the show

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