Argumentative Essay: Why Marching Band Is Better Than Sports

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Why Marching Band is better than Sports: Since I was young band has been a huge part of my life, and while I may be a bit biased saying so, band is one of the best organizations that a school can have. But I’m not going to just leave it at that, after all, I’m sure every football player and their parents would disagree. Even some band students don’t believe that any type of band program is worth the time or energy that most band directors ask of them. So I will provide evidence proving my main statement correct. Band is shown to have several different and drastic improvements on the mind. Sports have similar effects but band seems to be much greater and have impacts in more areas. All sports are filled with injuries, some of which are known to be fatal, like concussions in football. Band may share this problem, except almost none of the injuries sustained are fatal. And then of course there are the emotions attached to the different organizations/programs. They each have their own emotions attached but I believe that the emotions that are experienced in band are greater than those in any sport program.…show more content…
Actively playing also improves literacy and overall academic performance. Participating in sports provides some mental benefits but actually does some damage as well (Pearce). After a fifteen minute run scientists would test the participants and the verbal memory of the participants was decreased significantly. Cognitive, or the parts of the control the body, were improved. But all other aspects were decreased notably¬ (UoI). So band helps on the mental side of things but what about the physical??? Surely sports must be better in this

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