Mary Rommely's A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

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Without an imagination, people lose sight of the endless possibilities life has to offer. It is impossible to accomplish anything without envisioning it first. In the novel A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Mary Rommely, the grandmother of the main protagonist, makes it a necessity for her granddaughter to have an imagination. She emphasizes the importance of an aspiration in life for her family. The book follows the main character Francie in the course of six years of her life, all of which she struggled with economic hardship. But her extensive mind's eye managed to lead her to a path worth the effort. The author of this novel was aiming to convey to the audience the importance of imagination. She does so by providing an escape from the real world, giving the characters something to work towards and offering a new perspective of the worlds outside of their own all through use of the simple yet complex imagination. A vital theme of the…show more content…
The Nolan family has survived never-ending adversity due to their strenuous labor. But the only reasons they endeavor through these privations are because of their desire for new beginnings. Their hopes and dreams give them another motive to keep continuing on until they achieve the level of greatness they were looking for. In chapter 19 for instance, Francie’s high expectations for school in her neighborhood lead to disappointment. However, while strolling into beautiful privileged area in which she had never seen before, she stumbles upon an appealing school. She envisions attending that school and eventually her dream becomes a reality! Francie only caught a glimpse of the old brick school surrounded by open meadow and could already picture herself enrolled there. So Francie gathered all of the materials she needed and made it happen just like that. Her imagination permitted her to have a goal and aim at achieving that

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