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All Native American tribes thrived in arts, culture, technology and trade; the Anasazi culture with no exception. The Anasazi tribe remains unknown, however, what is known about them is that they were rich in art like basketry and “town-based culture known for its large cliff dwellings and multistory structures until the late 13th century” (The Anasazi Culture). They are known as the “old ones” because of their seminomadic lifestyle and isolation towards the other Native American tribes, but they eventually merged with other native cultures by the late 14th century. The Anasazi tribe was located where the borders of present day Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado intersect. From 100 to 700 C.E, the Anasazi people were hunters and gatherers,…show more content…
The chambers are known as kivas. The Anasazi culture were a tribe with no writing, which meant that their stories and beliefs were passed down from generation to generation. Like most ancient groups. They believed in the Creator and that this Creator was responsible for all living things (Anasazi Religion). “These early Anasazi did not have the traditional beliefs about good and evil that are now in modern religions. They believed in an orderly universe, and thought of "evil" as an imbalance between that orderly universe and the human” (Anasazi Religion). They believed that all good was a result of positive thoughts and positive actions. The Anasazi culture were known to value and respect nature and Earth (The Anasazi Culture). Staying consistent with the focus on nature, religious rituals were focused on survival in nature processes such as hunting, planting, and plant fertility. The Anasazi lived in a desert area, which means that they suffered many droughts. Due to their location, which was mostly dry with little rain, they mainly worshiped Avanyu. Avanyu was the plumed water serpent and said to live in the “bosom of the world” (Anasazi

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