How To Save Water Save Life Essay

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Introduction "Save water save life" The Indian subcontinent has a great diversity of geological, topographical and climatic conditions. The general climate is tropical and subtropical barring some of the northern most areas. The Western Ghats and north eastern part of the country receive the maximum rainfall in a year. The diurnal and seasonal temperature is also variable. [Extremes of hot and cold seasons are experienced in northern part while there is very little difference between hotter and colder seasons in the south localities in Kashmir are covered by snow for several months and the duration varies depending upon the attitude]. The water bodies in these diverse habitats harbour a wide variety of microalgae…show more content…
It forms at the foundations for sustainable development on the basis of the environmental health of our planet and the source of economic and ecological security for planet and the source of economic and ecological security for future generations. Microorganisms constitute an important component of an ecosystem and form a natural resource of immense value. Isolation, identification and maintenance of this microbial wealth are considered essential to understand the ever increasing problems of human and also to find suitable cost effective solution to them. Algal members can grow in all sorts of habitats and form successful constituent of fresh water ecosystem. Depending on the adaptation to environment most micro logical members have shown evolution in their thallus organisation. It was observed that human activities that threatened aquatic biodiversity, It was observed that once the richly microbial flourishing areas have now almost disappeared at many of the places (Vidyavti

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