Biological Factor Interact In Emotion Essay

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Discuss to what extent cognitive and biological factor interact in emotion The cognitive level of analysis (CLOA) is a way of understanding the mind and its processes and how these purposes guide human behavior. For the purpose of this essay we will be focusing on emotions and how they can be explained using biological and cognitive factors. According to Hockenbury emotion is best defined as “a complex psychological state that involves three distinct components: a subjective experience, a physiological response, and an expressive response” . Emotions can be the result of either physiological factors or cognitive ones; cognition is the mental process in which the brain takes part in, in order to acquire knowledge and to use that information…show more content…
Primary appraisal deals with evaluating the threat, is it favorable or unfavorable, in this scenario we tend to look for who is responsible. Secondary appraisal on the other hand, is the evaluation of the possible ways to solve the situation; the individual asks himself if they can change the situation, in this type of appraisal there is the expectation of change. This theory shows an interaction between emotion and cognition is a way where the individual appraises the event but not the physiology. Although there is an interaction the extent of this interaction is unknown. This theory is purely cognitive because the individual assess his situation based on his…show more content…
The two-factor theory support the interaction between biological and cognitive factors in the following ways: - Physiological arousal is imperative for the experience of emotion, but this only is labeled through a cognitive evaluation of the situation. - When individuals find themself in an unknown emotional state, they tend to evaluate their situation based on their environment. - This cognitive process leads the labeling of the

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