Mountains Beyond Mountains Idealism

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An idealist is someone who strives for perfection without considering the practicalities. A realist on the other hand, has a firm grip on reality and cannot be swayed by impractical ideas. In Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Man Who Would Cure the World, written by Tracey Kidder, Pa2ul Farmer is portrayed as a realist and an idealist. Farmer’s actions demonstrate realism as he does what he can to provide treatment to his patients, whilst acknowledging the limitations of his actions. On the other hand, he does not believe in limitations of his work and his goal; Farmer believes everyone can receive treatment and be cured of tuberculosis if everyone plays a role in the treatment. If something or someone did not agree with his work, Farmer went out of his way for his ideas to work. Throughout the novel, Paul Farmer worked more idealistically to reach his goal. His main focus is treating patients, and so he does not think about the consequences. His idealism led to the creation of Partners in Health and their core values. As a doctor, Paul Farmer does his best to provide treatment. He understands the limitations of his patients, including their economic status, and yet he still provides them…show more content…
The president of Brigham confronted a friend of Farmer and stated, “Your friends Farmer and Kim are in trouble with me. They owe this hospital ninety-two thousand dollars,” (Kidder, 2003, p. 149). Farmer and Kim took medicine from the pharmacy without considering the trouble it would cause to the hospital. However, Tom White was able to take care of the bill, resulting in a purchase of drugs rather than stealing. Nonetheless, this action of his illustrates idealism because he took the drugs from the pharmacy and left without mentioning the payment for the drugs. Farmer disregarded the consequences of his

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