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Stephanie Herron Professor Rosenthal English 117 19 February 2017 Have you ever wondered what the story Little Red Riding Hood was about? Little Red Riding Hood went walking in the woods on a windy day, to go to her grandmother’s house to deliver warm food for her to eat. As she was walking through the woods as a short cut to get to her grandmother’s house faster, when Little Red Riding Hood was going through the woods she heard noises from all directions and was starting to get scared. Then while she was walking the big bad wolf stopped her and asked where you are going, in the story “Little Red Riding Hood” written by Charles Perrault, writes about a girl that is not very responsible for her actions and the choices she makes. The…show more content…
Children now go see their grandmother when they are sick and spend time with them while they are sick. “Pull the bobbin and the latch will fall.” (Perrault 343). The moral of the story is about how young children should be aware of all of their surroundings and the people that are in the surroundings that they are in because some people are not the best people to be around or to be close to. (343). Little Red Riding Hood gets to her grandmother’s house and just goes right into the home, children also walk right into their home when they get there. The comparisons between the Socialization of Little Red Riding Hood and those children have in common is that, Little Red Riding Hood followed the directions that her grandmother gave her and children also listen to the directions that they are…show more content…
“Come, Little Red Cap, take this piece of cake and bottle of wine and bring them to your grandmother, she’s sick and weak, and this will strengthen her. Get an early start, before it becomes hot, and when you’re out in the woods, be good and nice and do not stray of the path; otherwise you will fall and break the glass, and your grandmother will get nothing. And when you enter her room, don’t forget to say good morning, and don’t go peeping into all the corners.” (Grimm

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