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Into the Woods debuted on Broadway of November, 1987 and has recently gain popularity because of Disney’s, new renovation release, this past December of 2014 (Gant). Stephen Sondheim was able to create and compose the marvelous play, Into the Woods, alongside, writer, James Lapine and in 2011 Rob Marshall approached Sondheim and introduced the idea of recreating the musical into a film. The producers had an idea of the type of movie it would be and it was aimed to appeal to families and is rated PG (Gant). Into the Woods creatively intertwines four classic fairytales including: Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk and Rapunzel combined with The Baker and His Wife. I believe the Broadway version of Into the Woods was better…show more content…
The stage transitions with the cast members and interacts with them. Because of the special effects, the viewers were able to distinguish all of the visuals Disney was able to depict what it wanted to whereas in the Broadway version of Into the Woods the audience and the actors had a limited amount of space on the stage to create what they wanted to represent. They used props for example, when Cinderella was calling the bird to help her pick up the “lentils” that her Stepmother threw into the fireplace; the narrator used a stick with strings attached to fake birds to create that visual (Stephen Sondheim – Prologue: Into The Woods). Both the Broadway and the motion picture depict the classic fairytale scenes tapping on the audiences’ imagination and creativity. However, since the Broadway does not have the most recent special effects compared to the film it lets the audience ignite their imagination further. For instance, when the Broadway used a shadow to impersonate the giant, the audience had to assimilate and create a mental image of how she, the giant, was supposed to look like. It was open to interpretation based on how the audience constructed her and everyone’s image was different. Another illustration of the use of props was when Cinderella’s evil Stepmother cut of one of her step sisters toe and heel and pieces of material went flying off…show more content…
The Bakers Wife, Jacks Mothers, the cow, the giant and his wife die. Although, death is not a laughable subject for most people the stage musical interpreted it as such. The cast members over reacted with their exaggerated death scenes, which you can clearly tell that they were not dead. People “know that it's not really happening, it's not graphic” (Gant). On the other hand, when some individuals are watching a moving picture they might interpret it to be real. As a result, the producers chose not to visually stimulate the viewers with extreme

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