History: The Ancient Drama

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The Ancient Drama The term “drama” derived from a Greek word, which means to act or to do. In fact, The Ancient Greek theatre is considered to be the first recorded “drama” in the history. Between 600 and 200 BC, the cultural theatre whose technique has lasted two millennia was created by ancient Athenians. In addition, During the golden age of Athens, plays were created that are, until now, considered to be among the most define marvelous word of world drama. Centrally originated in Athens, The Greek theatre evolved from religious festivals to honor the Greek gods. Particularly, to glory Doinysus, the God of wine and fertility. An important part of Dionysus’s rites was the dihyramb, which means ‘ choric hymn’. It started as simply a…show more content…
Renaissance was, without a doubt, a powerful cultural movement that greatly influenced the intellectual life of Europeans. It was a period of revival, regrowth, and renewal. Hence the name renaissance that means reborn in Latin. It began in Italy through which it spread out to England, France, and other European countries. Renaissance was mainly focused in England owing to the fact that William Shakespeare was thought of as the pinnacle of English literature. He was also well-known for his poets and playwrights. Many and artists scholars in the Renaissance era studied and learned ancient Greece and Rome art, striving to retrieve the sense of those ancient cultures into their literature and work. However, new notions and ideas in science, art, religion, and literature had emerged and flourished by many. Plays often took place in London, but they would also visit other European countries such as Germany, Denmark, etc. Furthermore, the Renaissance plays fell into two main categories: comedies and tragedies. Comedy is a dramatic work with a happy ending that contained humor. Tragedy, on the other hand, a work in which the main character or tragic hero comes to unhappy end. This period started before the establishment of permanent theaters, so before this, acting would take a place in the courtyards of inns, or in the inns of court. Moreover,…show more content…
The main founder of the modern drama is Hendrik Isben. He is known as the father od modern realism. Realism was a way to make theater more beneficial and helpful for society. The movement began in France and had some general principles. For instance, truth is found in objects that recognized to all five senses. While Ilbsen was working on realism, France was calling for a new form of drama based on Darwinism called Naturalism. Naturalistic writers revealed the dark bruility of life. For example, prejudice, racism, poverty, violence, disease, prostitution, etc. Therefore, it prioritized human misery and vice. In addition, melodrama has appeared which includes thrillers and chills with a happy ending, evil rulers who are defeated at the end, since of justice, song, and music. Besides, modern drama deals mostly with ordinary people. That is, it deals with reality and presents real life. More importantly, World Wars and industrialization shaped the development of Modern Drama in many

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