The Importance Of Performance Art

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In her writings on feminist art, Jayne Wark has argued that it is not necessarily the presence of a feminist intention behind art that is important, but rather the political implications of the art and whether or not these implications engage in a feminist discourse. Artists who use “performance to bring an awareness of feminist concerns to the practice of art making, […] explicitly propose the idea that art could be a form of political science.” The issues and ideas behind many of Intan Rafiza’s performances are ones that have been important to women and also the world surrounding them. Intan Rafiza’s performances exhibits a whole new twenty-first century picture to the connection between the women and the world surrounding them, the body…show more content…
Post-structuralism and postmodernism whereas are considered as both heavily theoretical and follow a disintegrated, anti-government course which is self-centered. Nevertheless, society in general continues to be more complacent with the concept of dichotomy or having two options. However, when it comes to ethics, most issues and concerns vary from one another and the best proposed action to resolve such matters are neither “yes”, “no”, “right” or “wrong” solutions. In performance art, concerns raised are the ones involving the notion of the mind and are relevant to the issues of respect, gender problems, responsibility, virtue, development, character, humanity, disagreement, evolution, behaviour and so on are assumed with an approach free from ethics which examines reality not from a religious or monasteries perspective, but rather from observations of actual choices made by society or even the performance artist himself or…show more content…
In a Chinese patriarchal family for example, the woman’s body is seen as a breeder, as the barer of babies for the next generation. And what does it mean for a woman in a Chinese family who says, “ I don’t want to have a child”? And this is a constant struggle in the social stigma in Chinese society. They are seen as lacking of something and they have failed to perform a role. In general it’s how the woman’s body is viewed. It’s not just only because of Islam.” To support this claim, postmodern feminist, Judith Butler, also claims: “In as much as “identity” is assured through the stabilizing concepts of sex, gender and sexuality, the very notion of “the person” is called into questions by the cultural emergence of those “incoherent” or “discontinuous” gendered beings who appear to be persons but who fail to conform to the gendered norms of cultural intelligibility by which persons are

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