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Intelligence in Little Red There are several versions of the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood that all come with different names, details, and ideas. A main idea in the stories is that intelligence can be the saving factor in an atrocious situation. In fact, that is what the authors of these stories seem to be trying to teach us, that intelligence is incredibly important. These stories are not about a little girl who is tricked by a wolf, they are about a girl who engages in not using her brain and ends up getting hurt, and hurting others around her. These stories such as, “Little Red Riding Hood” by Charles Perrault, and “Little Red Cap” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm are all different in their own ways, yet veritably similar…show more content…
If the mother would have used her brain before she sent her daughter off, the little girl would have realized that something just was not right at her grandma’s house, and the grandmother would have noticed that her granddaughter’s voice sounded different they would not have ended up in the mess they did. In “Little Red Cap” by the Grimm Brothers when the mother sends her young daughter off through the forest to take a basket of food to her sick grandmother (Grimm) is where the first problem lies. The woods in both of the stories are supposed to be a dangerous place. However, the mother does not seem to note this as she sends her daughter off into the woods. Yes, there are rules to remain on the path, but the mother naively believes that her daughter would listen..The other case lies, of course with the young girl when she comes to her grandmother’s house. She is ambivalent and notices that something is not right and begins questioning her grandmother’s newfound, big eyes, ears, and teeth. (Grimm)(Perrault) The next case is the fault of the grandmother not using her head. She surely, even in her decrepit age and being sick, knew what her granddaughter’s voice sounded like and should have recognized that something was off. The authors of these stories were most likely trying to show the readers of these stories what happens when one does not trust their instincts. What these characters do contradicts any idea of intelligence that might have been mentioned because the decisions they make definitely do not reflect intelligence. If they would have exercised a bit of common sense they might have been able to save themselves from

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