Little Red Riding Hood Vs The Company Of Wolves

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Little Red Riding Hood and The Company of Wolves Subversions are intended to upset expectations and recreate the original version for different reasons. In modern times, many subversions have been created such as The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Wicked or Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent; in these cases, the revision was done in order to give another perspective to a situation. Angela Carter’s The Company of Wolves successfully conveys interestingly different messages in comparison to its traditional Little Red Riding Hood from The Fairytales of the Brothers Grim version. The retelling of this age-old famous fairytale shares an identical plot but has apparent differences such as the author’s style, targeted audience, and altered characterization.…show more content…
The way Carter sets the tone of the setting creates a peculiar feel. Red knows about the dangers of her surroundings but is curios and brave enough to venture out. Carter repeats the “carnivore incarnate” (Carter 159) throughout the story highlighting the evil that comes with the werewolves as well as their power. In both stories, the male character is superior to the female. Since Angela Carter is recognized for subverting fairytales into adult tales containing feminist undertones and equality for gender the archetypal characters stand…show more content…
Typically, fairy tales are directed to children in an implicit manner, but this story exposes Red’s coming of age. Besides the setting and explicit content, the message taken from this revision is not easy for a child to comprehend. A child will not understand why Red does the things she does like giving her virginity away to the werewolf nor will they understand why the grandmother exclaims “his genitals, huge” (Carter 159). Carter chooses to make this noticeable to draw attention to the involvement of sexuality in the story, giving more reason as to why a child would not understand. Staying away from strangers is not the only message intended anymore. In the well-known more child friendly Little Red Riding Hood, both Red and the grandma are eaten by the wolf but then later rescued by a passerby huntsman on the contrary in The Company of Wolves, the grandma does not return to life. In a standard fairy tale, magic is involved positively but The Company of Wolves gives readers a sense of reality such as when someone dies, there’s no coming

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