Essay On Why Kids Should Be In The Army

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I remember when I wanted to be in the army. However when I did my research the army wasn’t all that fun as I thought it would be. I remember going to a little camp to see how it would be like and after that day I’ve never wanted to be in the army again. In the texts, “Armed and Underage” and “The Perfect Weapon” they show that children are being forced to be soldiers. I don’t believe that children should be in the army at such a young age. The reason why I say this is because these young kids that aren’t even teenagers are having to listen to what people tell them and have them fight for others protection and not their own. Another reason I believe kids shouldn’t be in the army is because there families are basically leaving them and they are left on their own to…show more content…
However even though being in the war isn’t fun and is seriously dangerous and scary it teaches you to be stronger and how to deal with life. According to the text “Armed and Underage” kids are having to listen to what people tell them and fight in the army and risk their lives for other people. In the article it says, “Thousands of children are being forced to serve as soldiers around the world.” This proves that young children are needing to serve as soldiers. The kids have to deal with fighting for their freedom because they are forced too. This relates back to the claim because it explains how these kids have to worry about fighting for themselves and fighting for others and have to risk their life. Also according to the text it says, “...children worldwide are still being used as combatants, usually against their will. And it isn't just boys: Girls are often pressed into duty as cooks or messengers. Many are subjected to sexual abuse,

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