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Most people have heard the short story of Little Red Riding Hood. To summarize it for those of you that have not herd it, it is a story about a little girl that is sent by her mother to bring some goods to her grandma. On the way to her grandma’s house she is met by a wolf that tricks her. The wolf goes to the grandma’s home and eats her and then waits around for little Red to come. He dresses up like the grandma and when little red comes he ends up eating her too. However, my purpose is not to just retell the story, I would like to look at the significance of the original story told and the modified version that some tell their children today. The original Little Red Riding Hood story was story told to warn women to keep their chastity, whereas…show more content…
When Little red cap runs into the wolf still approaches her kindly, but uses a different divergence to get Little red off-track. In this version, The Wolf tells little red to look at all the beautiful flowers and how her grandma would love them. The cunning trick the wolf uses is definitely something that a kid would have to fall for. What young woman would listen too a stranger that told her to go pick flowers. Not only would a young child fall for a trick like that, But almost right after the story states that little red got so caught up in looking for just the right flower that every time she would see one and pick it there would be a better one often the distance. That it is also perfect evidence of childish behavior, that the Grimm brothers were trying to incorporate into the story. Next if you look at the end of the story, there is a woods man that comes to save red and the grandma after they get eaten by the wolf. The reason why the Grimm Brothers added in this character is because every child likes to have a hero. If the Grimm Brothers had just left Little red dead, then the story would be unappealing and scary to children. All of this is great proof that the Grimm Brothers had a different moral to tell in their story of Little red

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