Examples Of Archetypes In The Little Red Riding Hood

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In the short film of The Little Red Riding Hood by Samsala Grimm, we encounter the main characters of the Red Riding Hood, Doc Croc, the Wolf and the Hunter. These characters inherit the archetypes of the Maiden, Wise old man, the Witch and the Hero respectively. Firstly, the character of the Red Riding Hood is the Maiden archetype in this story because she is an innocent and pure character. She is very inexperienced with what goes on in the forest and knowledge of wolves which makes her a very easy target for the predator, which in this case in the Wolf. She is also a very pure character as she was being totally honest to the Wolf when he asked her where she was headed, something a normal person wouldn’t tell a stranger. Throughout the whole film, she appears to be the Maiden figure during the situational archetypes of the task, the quest, the loss of innocence until the initiation, when the Hunter tells her to “never talk to strangers”. Secondly, the character of the Doc Croc is the Wise old man archetype in this story because he is the only character in the story that tried to persuade Red Riding Hood that the Marquis is actually a wolf, much like a father trying to teach his daughter what’s right from wrong but giving her freedom to decide for herself. Throughout the whole film, he appears to be the Wise…show more content…
The Wolf is one of the most dangerous creatures in the forest, boasting with large ears, mouth and hands; it’s undoubtedly one of the most feared creatures to live. Along with his strength, the Wolf is also a very seductive character, much like a vampire. He plans ahead on how he wishes to catch his prey, first opening up to the character, making them feel comfortable and then preys on them. Throughout the whole film, he appears to be the Witch overridden by the archetype of the Trickster, as he is not the Marquis he claims to

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