Analysis Of Little Red Riding Hood

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Fatoumata Dibaga English 10 14 February 2017 THE TRUE STORY OF THE LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD You think Little Red Riding Hood was just about a little girl who was walking in the woods to go give her sick grandma a basket full of goods? That she meets a wolf and tells him where she's going and the wolf goes ahead of her and eats her grandma and then waits for Little Red Riding Hood to come so he can eat her too? What if I told you that, that some parts aren't that accurate and actually never happened. Would you believe me? THIS IS THE REAL STORY Once a upon a time on Long Beach Blvd, in the middle of Compton, there lived a young shorty name Little Blue Riding Hood. Little Blue Riding Hood was so ghetto that she was known as “Little Hood”. Little Hood lived with her deadbeat drug addict mother in the roughest, toughest part of town, where pimps and sugar daddies are known to own the street. Yeah, Little Hood and her momma lived in the ghetto.…show more content…
Take her this basket of weed brownies, they will make her body and brain slow down and she can finally die, but be very careful: Do not walk through Rosecrans Avenue. Keep to the pathway where you won't see any one of my sugar daddies. That way, they won't ask you for the money I owe them” “Yo I'm getting tiyurrrrd of you !! Why can't you go” Says Little

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