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2.5 Definition of Knowledge Sharing Knowledge sharing has got many definitions in different areas of organization. Knowledge sharing is that activity where agents (individuals, communities or organizations) exchange their knowledge (information, skills or expertise). It is linked to the knowledge management process, which can be broadly characterized by four activities, the creation, storage and retrieval, transfer and application of knowledge (Ireson & Burel, Knowledge Sharing in collaborations, 2010). Davenport and Prusak (1998) defined knowledge as “Knowledge is a fluid mix of framed experiences, values, contextual information, and expert insight that provide a framework for evaluating and incorporating new experiences and information”.…show more content…
And based on this fact, knowledge sharing is believed to be the most significant part of knowledge management (Rehman, et. al., 2010). As one knowledge–centered activity, knowledge sharing is the fundamental means through which employees can contribute to knowledge application, innovation and specifically to the competitive advantage of the organization (Wang & Noe, Knowledge Sharing: A review and directions for future research, 2010). Knowledge sharing can be seen as the process of knowledge exchange. It has been argued that the motivation for these different exchanges is related to the expectation of reserving something in return (Lilleoere & Hansen,…show more content…
And many researchers have noted the benefits of knowledge sharing and the negative consequences of knowledge hoarding. Knowledge sharing is widely recognized to be a central component of successful knowledge management, and one of the central characteristics of healthy knowledge culture is that knowledge sharing is embedded in the way in which organization works (Seba, et. al., 2012) According to Lin (2007), knowledge sharing is fundamental to generate new ideas and developing new opportunities through the socialization and learning process of employees. With the advent of knowledge management in today's knowledge-based economy era, knowledge sharing (KS) may become one of the most effective approaches in assisting individuals and organizations to update or enhance knowledge, skills and competency (Shih & LOU, 2011) for people to meet and share experiences in terms of behavior or

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