Disadvantages Of Regional Integration

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Since the break-up of the Soviet Union, multitudinous regional organizations and integration groups have emerged on its ashes (for their overview, see Czerewacz-Filipowicz and Konopelko 2017), a trend which Libman and Vinokurov (2012) call “holding-together” integration, defining it as “a regional integration scheme initiated by a group of countries which recently belonged to a single political and economic entity (a unitary state or a colonial empire) and which exhibit high levels of economic, political and cultural interdependency” (ibid: 12-13). Among those numerous integration projects, the recently established Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is frequently described as potentially most important and promising (e.g. Zagorski 2015; Czerewacz-Filipowicz…show more content…
An ample illustration of this point is the so-called North-South divide in the EU, a term that implies that the policies benefiting the bloc’s Northern part tend to harm its South (Landesmann 2015). Moreover, the member states’ goals should obviously be in tune with the organisation’s real abilities in terms of its budget, structure, competence etc; otherwise, integration may get buried due to the absence of real mechanisms to fulfil the declared goals. The destinies of the above-mentioned CIS Economic Union and EurAsEC both aptly illustrate this…show more content…
First, I use insight from various primary (e.g. leaders’ speeches) and secondary (media and, to a lesser degree, academic publications) sources to find out the primary motives of the EAEU’s member states[ It is noteworthy that I focus on the states’ primary motives, i.e., the key factors that determined their accession to the EAEU; I do not endeavour to list all the benefits that an EAEU membership could potentially give them.] and the ways in which those motives impact on their behaviour in the bloc. Second, I compare the motives with the EAEU’s capacities to assess to what extent the organisation helps its members achieve what they aspire. Finally, I elaborate on how the divergence/convergence of the EAEU member nations’ motives and the (in-)feasibility of their expectations influence the organisation’s

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