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In the words of Nelson Mandela “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Education in Africa has been a matter of discussions through out history. After the colonization era,the education system in Africa suffered a significant change which leaves flagrant effects in today’s society. Africa is witness of violent conflicts and different economical and political realities that have an impact on everyday life, and most importantly, on future generations. The different realities of the countries in Africa, makes it difficult to consolidate a stable form of education in most regions. The situation is exacerbated by political instability in neighboring countries, which has resulted in a significant number of refugees that also need access to protection, education, nutrition, health and water services. UNICEF has been a great partner for Africa, working together to meet the humanitarian needs of children in the country, looking forward to enhance the rates of enrollment and access in schools, acknowledging that 57% of primary school age children are unable to go to school due to the disperse population living in rural areas, poverty, lack of resources, overcrowd classrooms in urban areas, malnutrition, recurrent disease epidemics and outbreaks,…show more content…
Communitarian food courts could be created in order to secure the nutrition of the children and access to lower cost food to the families involved in the school programs and sex educational campaigns. Clean water, safe restrooms and healthy hand-washing stations are an important factor in development. Restoration of school’s bathrooms and hygiene awareness programs through community health promoters could be taught across schools and communities in order to prevent the diseases from spreading and instead, spread the knowledge. Awareness changes old habits, and new habits change

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