Solid Waste Management In Bangladesh

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Solid waste is one of the worst urban problems to the capital city of Dhaka in Bangladesh. Dhaka City Corporation (DCC), as municipal urban agent, is responsible for solid waste management in city. The present system of solid waste management (SWM) has been regarded as inadequate and insufficient and failed to keep pace with the gigantic amount of solid waste produced in the urban areas (Mohit, 2000:1-3). A study shows, solid waste generation in Bangladesh during the last decade has increased enormously at an average annual rate of 8.96 percent while the solid waste management and hygienic disposal capacity of the municipal authorities is miserably legging behind (Hasan, 2005:921). Nearly 50 percent of the daily generated garbage remains uncollected…show more content…
(1992), Ahmed (1999), Ashraf (1994), Asaduzzaman and Hye (1998), Bhuiyan H. (2005), Hasan and Mulamoottill (1994), Hoq and Lechner [1994] (eds.), Islam, N., Khan, M.M., Nazem, N.I., (2000), Khandaker (1995), Hasan (1998), Paul (1991) and Bhuiyan, (2008). These studies identified Dhaka City Corporation suffers too much control from central government and bureaucratic difficulties in the coordination with other central government agents. In addition, the studies characterized Dhaka City Corporation as weak administrative capacity and institutional limitations, poor human resources, shortage of financial resources, little public participation and wide spread of corruption. Consequently, solid waste management has been facing various operational challenges in efficient and effective service…show more content…
The success, effectiveness and efficiency in governance depend on strategic capacity of organization. For proper organizational capacity building in solid waste management of Dhaka city, strategic capacity should be increased. Because, the strategy determines the configuration of resources, process and systems (Sotarauta, 2004). If the strategic capacity increased, waste authority in Dhaka would be able to configure their resources, process and systems in appropriate manner for efficient governance. The available studies show strategic institutional capacity in solid waste management is still unexplored in Bangladesh and less focused in developed and developing countries as

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