Marriage Satisfaction In Women

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2. MARRIAGE SATISFACTION AMONG WOMEN The most important relationship in the world is between the male and female who are bound with the relationship of marriage. It is a stance that they have anact of interactional feelings for each other. It is very important for the women to get satisfied with the marriage(van Steenbergen, Kluwer, & Karney, 2014). The ratio of marriage satisfaction among the women is considerably high. There are many factors which enhance the satisfaction of the women from the marriage. The major factor behind the satisfaction of women in the development of the family and children as well. It is evident from the previous studies that women who have children are much satisfied with the marriage rather than the women who don’t…show more content…
It is evident from the previous studies that those cultures who have less strict rules and regulationsare considered being more satisfied married life. The satisfaction women are very important in the married life. It is evident from the previous studies that those women who are living in the joint family system are much satisfied with their marriage due to the social integration. Women from European countries are less satisfied as compared to the women of Asian countries. The family bonding is also strong in Asian countries as compared to the European countries. It is also evident from the investigation that women of Muslim countries are satisfied from their family and husband because they are satisfied with the married life(Oates,…show more content…
There are many determinants which are responsible for the satisfaction of female in the married relationship. The Economic determinant is considered among the most important. It is important for the male to bear the expenses of the female to make her satisfied. Moreover, communication is also very important for the satisfaction of the women from married life. This literate also demonstrates that men are much satisfied with the married life rather than women in UAE. The statistical data of the UAE demonstrate that Emirates and non-emirates marriages have been increased in the recent time. It causes lots of cultural disturbance as well as contradiction among the couples. That is the reason; many of the relationships in UAE are not long-lasting. It is also important for the Female to have a family. This determinant of the satisfaction in the married life can be observed from the Asian countries. In this literature review, it is also presented that the countries like America and region like Europe have less marriage satisfaction among the

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