Kanye West's Influence On Public Identity

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Kanye West is an icon, known for his egotism and pride. From his influence in fashion to his musical creativity, Kanye is no stranger to the public eye. His perception on life is self-centred, but that is because Kanye believes that if he does his best, then the rest of the universe will do its best. Unfortunately, this attitude cannot be understood by all. Proof of this is in the way the public media depict him, as being vain an self-righteous. Kanye's attitude is based on an idea, created by the mainstream hip-hop community, that “hip-hop's present day advertising opportunities are all about cashing in on credit where credit is due (Adams and Adler 8).” This idea, that money and talent justify behaviour, was born out of the late 1980's, when hip-hop and rap artists were not accepted by the mainstream industry (Adam and Adler 4). Now that hip-hop has made it to the mainstream, Kanye has been able to develop his public identity, allowing him to captivate various audiences and maintain a following for the past few years (Daulatzai and Dyson 78). However, it still seems that, out of all the members of the hip-hop community, he is the bad seed. Kanye is perceived by the public media as a celebrity. As…show more content…
Over the years, there have been many speculations as to what caused their split. Almost unanimously, all fingers point to Kim Kardashian. This verse is not a confirmed confession, but it is clear to see that Kanye recognizes his infidelity and takes full responsibility for his break up with Rose. A few lines down, Kanye continues on, saying: “And I know I did damage, Cause the look in your eyes is killing me, I guess you've got another advantage, Cause you could blame me for

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