Why Is Soccer Better Than Basketball

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Since I was in high school two of my favorites sports was soccer and basketball. I used to be very active in that time, so I was almost obsessed with these two sports. In my last years of high school the doctor discovered a disease in which I had to stop playing sports that have contact with other people, so I stopped immediately the practice of these two activities. Even though, I stopped doing what I used to like the most, I never leave aside the taste for these two beautiful sports; even so, I am still a faithful follower of these two. Soccer and basketball are sports, which are very similar, even then have their differences in terms of the rules that each game has; on the other hand, these sports are very complete to workout most parts…show more content…
Soccer and basketball are popular sports and more played around the world. Both sports pay a fortune as wages to those who practice these professions. Soccer and basketball has many differences even if they seem to be very similar. In soccer and basketball body parts are used to perform and practice the sport. In soccer foot hits the ball, so the idea is to reach from one end of the pitch to the other end using the foot. Using foot is the fastest and easiest way to move the ball around the court; on the other hand, basketball hands do all the work. It comes from one extreme to another bouncing ball against the ground using your hands. The only way that the ball can be moved in basketball is through passes and rebound, which both actions require hands. These wonderful sports last different amounts of time; for example, a soccer game has a span of 90 minutes plus the time added by the referee. There are two times in soccer and each lasts 45 minutes. There is a rest time after the first time, which it takes 15 minutes. A basketball match lasts 48 minutes; they cannot add…show more content…
Most sports help to lose weight naturally, to control stress levels, and prevent all kinds of diseases from physical to psychological. On an emotional level, it makes us feel better about ourselves. Soccer improves cardiovascular health, improves tone, strength, endurance and muscle flexibility, it also helps improve bone capabilities; furthermore, soccer is a sport that necessarily has to be practiced for 90 minutes, in which the whole time it has to run; in fact, running 30 minutes playing soccer will make you burn about 430 calories. The problem is that in this case, muscle injury or bones are much more likely. On the other hand, during a basketball game a person stays in full motion practicing 30 minutes of this sport helps burn more than 300 calories. Basketball has a lot to do with aerobic since it has to run and jump. Although these two sports have many positive aspects, we must also be careful with any lesions. The muscular and osseous lesions are very

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