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In this Discourse Community Analysis essay I will be using the logos, ethos and pathos that I have gained knowledge of in the past few weeks, to explain how I was elected as the leader and became a member of the school, Science and Technology quizzing Team for my senior year at my high school. I will be showing my successful journey through one of the most beautiful years of my life. I was greatly interested in all things related to quizzing, debate and technology. I read everything related to science and technology. It all began when I was in the 9th grade. The instructor in charge of the school quizzing team in charge of the quizzing team walked into my class and asked the teacher for permission to talk to me for a few minutes. He asked me a few question and gave me a situation in which he wanted to see how I would react. Being satisfied with my responses and seeing my great history with such events, the instructor chose me. I was extremely happy and overly excited for being a part of this team. Getting adjusted with the team mates didn’t take long, as we were…show more content…
I had few very prestigious certificates from national quizzes and had received a medal from N.R. Narayana Murthy (Founder of Infosys) for being the youngest participant of a Technology Quizzing competition and reaching the finals of the competition. I started my like for quizzing and debating at the age of 8. Ever since then I have been receiving various medals and certificates. This achievement took me a long way in my discourse community. Well you might say that joining a school team is not that significant but I’d like to also say that I was elected the Quizzing team Leader for my junior and senior years. Now that is recognition only a person with a deep engagement with the community can achieve. Not just that I have also been to one of the most elite competitions with my team and have most likely at least reached the

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