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13 February 2013 Is Bigger Government Better Government? The reading Is Bigger Government Better Government? There was a lot of great insights for the idea of a big involved government and also for the idea of a small, less intrusive government. Jeff Madrick is a humanities professor who discusses the need for a big government and how it will benefit the economy and society as a whole. However, Senator Jim DeMint argues in behalf of small government, thinking that our freedoms are protected in a small central government. Both arguments are very strong and persuasive, yet each of them contain a few flaws that I will critique. Jeff Madrick fights hard to persuade the reader to believe in his views that we need a strong central government.…show more content…
The government also passed the National Defense Education Act, which provided grants and loans for students to increase their education and move on to higher education. As a result to these grants and loans more young intelligent people were able to go to college and gain a greater education, especially in the field of health care. Madrick explained how this resulted in a dramatic increase in medical breakthroughs. Medicaid was also developed to help the poor receive medical treatment under government funding. Madrick is trying to help the reader understand that it is through all of the aid from the government that has helped this countries public health increase as a whole. There is also a strong argument presented by Madrick that big government will help the economy to grow. He explains how regulations help an economy to work better. The economy has grown significantly since this country was first developed and in result it has become much more complex. According to Madrick it is only logical that the economy needs government insight in order to protect the…show more content…
He explained how government involvement had increased medical breakthroughs. He fails to include any examples of medical breakthroughs that have happened since grants and loans were provided for students to further their education. Without the knowledge of any of these breakthroughs, it makes it difficult to link what government did to help. There is also no proof that those students who received those benefits were the ones that founded these breakthroughs. Another point he discusses that needs to be critiqued is his argument about the need of regulations. He claims that regulations are needed in order for economies to work better then later admits that some regulations are poorly administered and reduce economic efficiency. Reducing economic efficiency is the exact opposite direction our country should be going. We should not implement ideas in order to “help” the economy when we know many aspects of our idea will only weaken economic growth. He later goes on to explain how environmental regulations have been very costly but are a cost that citizens need to bare in order to have clean air, water and to stop global warming. Global warming is a theory and does not have concrete evidence to back it up. For us to spend money we do not necessarily have in order to obtain the regulations on global warming, seems to

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