Old Age In The Elderly

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The aged may form into associations or join the self-help groups in order to keep themselves active by taking up service andproductive activities. They can resort to collective action to resist their abuse. They have to maintain regular contacts with their friends (Verma, M.M. 2011:9). The concept of retirement home is gaining popularity. Many senior citizens are now living alone in cities and villages with no one to take care of them. Of course, one can continue to lead a non- dependent lifestyle in one's home also. However, retirement homes provide better security, companionship and management ease. They provide facilities such as a doctor-on-call service, an ambulance within the premises, in- house restaurants and house-keeping staff.…show more content…
The United Nations has agreed that 60+ years may be usually denoted as old age. By this age most of the elderly retires from their jobs or their business and spend more time at home. So their home should be designed according to their body, mind and…show more content…
It is permanent or semi-permanent residence for an individual. A place ofmemories and a connection to family, friends and neighbor. But with the changing in family pattern joint family becomes nuclear family. With this changing family structure elderly lose good quality of their life, due to several family situations, hence obtaining and maintaining health care at minimal. It is important to know what kind of accidents victims encounter and why these occur at home which is considered 'safe' heaven for its occupants. 2.17.5 Home accidents Home accidents means an accidents that takes place at home and it is not concerned with traffic, vehicles or sports. Home accidents generally occur due to the personal environmental and task factors- which may become cause of slips, trips, falls, burns and injuries. Elderly people are more prone to accidents because of their age, poor eye sight, handicapped, carelessness, stress, misjudgment, prolonged sickness, slow movements, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis leads to home accidents. Accidents can happen in any area of house like: kitchen, bathroom, stairs, dining room, basements and laundries etc. 2.17.6 Some safety aspects for

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