Tsunami Risk Analysis

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PROJECT SUMMARY Project Name/Title: Risk Analysis and feasibility report for Tsunami Project Date: 8th October 2014 Client name: Disaster Management Primary Contacts: Fathmath Latheef Website: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY INTRODUCTION This project is made to conduct a plan for tsunami and the extensive variety of phenomena that can cause tsunami and to discover the effects for estimation of tsunami dangers, and evaluations of the straight and unintended protection threats that they present. The project also determines how a certain risks from Tsunami can be avoided and how to get fully secured protection. This project defines various ways to make risk plan for Tsunami and what steps and activities can be carried by the government to save lives…show more content…
Tsunami risk analysis have three main inputs which is required for the dangers and making risk maps. The risks can be avoided for the people who travel via sea transport and the people who works near the oceans and seas. This can be done by making the strict sea transport and travelling time during the tsunami warning in order to protect as many lives as possible. (Combria, n.d.) ENGINEERING The current building and can be made in such a way it could resist the huge waves of tsunami and the government can transfer people to safer areas like this kind of building. The building and population can be more protected inside the inundated areas and Instigates existing design contains the function to evaluate tsunami risk on building damage and victims. The engineers can check the local homes and can give advice about different ways to make the house more resistance to such disasters. Professional advice is very important for people in this kind of issues. (RIMES,…show more content…
The public can be educate and give training to take actions in tsunami. This information and training can be given to all ages and genders. (Tsunami Ready national weather service, 2014) EVACUATION PLAN Plan an evacuation way from home, school, office, or any other area be where Tsunami can create a damage. If people capable to reach your safe places on foot within 15 minutes. After a Tsunami, roads may become closed or blocked and be ready to clear by foot if needed. Local emergency management officials can help advice the people the best safe route travel and shelter places. Make the locals Repetition evacuation route to make Understanding about the areas in order to avoid risks

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