Essay On Income Inequality In America

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Jasson Silva CHIC 100 Jeanette Rodriguez Title: The Immoral Truth Behind Income Inequality in the United States Specific Purpose: To inform and familiarize my audience of income inequality and the uneven redistribution of wealth. Thesis Statement: The real issue is in the hands of the wealthy and the well-privileged politicians when acknowledging an uneven distribution of wealth in America, thus allowing them (the rich) to have an undesirable level of control over the lives of the poor. Introduction Attention material: Noah Webster, a once renowned American editor and writer, painted a vivid picture of the future on contingency that history would someday repeat itself, “The causes which destroyed the…show more content…
The reasons are not because minorities are lazy or don’t care (we do), but our place in society is engendered from high increments of inequality. B. “Economic mobility is highly correlated with parental income,” (Crowell, 2012). 1. Many children fall victim into a life of hardship and underdevelopment. (Who knows whether they become burdened by massive debt or not?) 2.Because many families struggle, young adults feel the need to get a job, whether it is after high school or not graduating at all, only to fulfill familial obligations. C. Wealthy individuals are misguided by the ugliness in the success (not that being wealthy is sinful in anyway). 1. They’ve intuitively established barriers to economic opportunity. 2. "For far too many years, the American Dream of a decent job and a better life for one's children has become really a distant memory, pushed out of reach by failed policies and misguided priorities,” (Crowell, 2012). II. Income inequality can undermine the righteousness of legislation in government (Scanlon, 2010). A. It’s fairly simple. All it takes is one word: corruption. 1. That isn’t to say that our government totally corrupt, but politicians and high-ranking office holders tend to be more lenient toward “wealthy” contributions (Scanlon,
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